Elzenhof 2020 - 2030

Elsene is a constantly changing and very diverse Brussels municipality. In order to respond to the needs and wishes of this society in evolution, community center Elzenhof is thinking ahead and has set out a number of challenges and ambitions. Where do we want to be in ten years?


1. Meeting and experiment

Elzenhof wants to be an open and hospitable place for individuals, their associations and their collectives. Elzenhof makes no distinction between the conviction or socio-cultural background of individuals and their initiatives. The community center wants to create encounters between different groups and communities, and has a special focus on families and young children.

Elzenhof also wants to be a place where people can experiment with their socio-cultural projects. The center contributes to a social transition by paying special attention to ecological sustainability and the socially disadvantaged in society in its activities. For the experimental projects there are no pre-determined obligations to achieve a result, but instead Elzenhof will expect an active engagement by the parties conducting the experiment. Elzenhof and its employees are happy to take on the challenge to experiment together with you.


2. Criteria for initiatives

The day-to-day operation and all initiatives that Elzenhof takes or supports will be assessed against a number of criteria. The Dutch language is thereby an objective, but not necessarily a means or an obligation. Multilingualism is seen as an asset within our community center.

  • Cultural diversity

Elzenhof wants to be a reflection of the Brussels population in all its diversity and is actively looking to connect with projects that promote this. Elzenhof strives to make every community in the city feel at home in the community center. Even more: Elzenhof aspires to connect the various communities with each other and support the cohesion in our very diverse society.

  • Co-ownership

Elzenhof wants to offer neighborhood initiatives and collectives or new forms of social cultural engagement every opportunity to develop. If possible and desired, we help them to become independent outside the community center. If necessary and possible, Elzenhof tries to make physical space available in the community center for these new initiatives. If needed we can help with the substantive management of such projects, and we will always be available to support the content creation within the community center.

  • Sustainability

Elzenhof stands for ecological sustainability and strives to launch and support new initiatives that deal with the challenges around sustainability in an innovative way. Projects and initiatives in the center must pay attention to these objectives.

  • Social inclusion

Elzenhof strives to be a home for all Brussels residents and proactively works on social inclusion. Groups that are difficult to reach need to be able to find their way to the center. Elzenhof is open for all, a place that is tolerant and secure, with initiatives and experiments that are accessible to all in society.


3. Conclusion

With this vision and these criteria, Elzenhof wants to be platform and facilitator of initiatives in Elsene. We want to challenge the neighborhood to go out of its comfort zone and its direct environment or field of interest and to make this visible to the outside world to see. In this way, Elzenhof wants to become the local reference point for meeting, debate and dialogue within Elsene, and to promote sustainable living and a common awareness - across languages and cultures.

The employees, volunteers and organizations associated with Elzenhof endorse this vision and share it.