Residencies for socio-cultural projects in Elzenhof

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Elzenhof aims, among other things, to be a place of experimentation. A laboratory for social-cultural projects. Therefore, Elzenhof proposes two permanent spaces that organisations or associations may use for a period of one year.

Are you looking for a place to germinate your project? Then this Open Call may interest you!

Duration of residencies
01 October 2023 - 01 October 2024.

Which spaces are at your disposal?
- Loft - 31 m2 - 3rd floor (lift up to 2nd floor) - no water point available.
- Depot - 34 m2 - basement - water point available.

Who can apply?
- Asbl (non-profit organisation) - registered office in the Brussels Capital Region.
- Actual association/collective.

Who cannot?
- An individual.
- Private company, non-profit organisations with a profit objective.
- Non-profit organisation/Actual organisation operating outside the Brussels Capital Region.

What kind of projects are eligible?
Projects working on at least one of the following themes:
- Sustainability and transition;
- Social inclusion: local activity for and with disadvantaged groups
- Cultural diversity.

How to apply?
- Describe your association or organisation. Non-profit organization: please add the articles of association + list of active members.
- Describe your project.
- Which of the above-mentioned spaces would you like to use and what would you use it for?
- Describe what you can mean to Elzenhof?

Mail your application to by Friday 7 July 2023 at the latest.

More information
Elzenhof holds an online information session on Wednesday 7 June from noon until 1.00 p.m. Interested? Register via this link.